Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Baby Changes Everything!

She was a simple teenage girl; a girl who found herself pregnant and alone. 

 Just days earlier, she had been going about her chores happily consumed with thoughts about her upcoming marriage.  

But now, everything had changed . . .

It was an angel that broke the news to her of God’s great love and desire to use her as the vessel for His Son to come to earth.  She was amazed that God would consider her, a simple girl with no earthly status or wealth, to carry this precious child and to be His mother!  It was astounding, surprising and scary all at once.  She couldn’t really comprehend how it would be possible but she trusted her Lord and humbly agreed to His plan.

But now, in the stillness of the night, she wondered if it was all just a figment of her imagination or did the angel really tell her that she was going to become pregnant even though she was a virgin????  How could she be sure that all of this was true?  It was then that she remembered what the angel said about her aunt, Elizabeth.  The way to really be sure was to go and see Zechariah and Elizabeth.

She arose early that morning, packed her bags and made the long trek to their home.  What thoughts must have been running through her mind as she traveled those long 40 miles on foot . . .

“What would Joseph do once he found out she was pregnant?  What would her parents say?  Why hadn’t the angel told them about this job that she had been given?  Why was she the only one who knew?  Her life would never be the same.  From now on, she would be changed; there was no going back, no altering of the plan, this was forever to be her life.”

When she stepped into the home of Elizabeth, she knew deep down in her heart that what the angel said wasn’t a figment of her imagination or a dream, it was true because there before her was Elizabeth, old and wrinkled and very pregnant indeed, exclaiming her joy at being with the mother of her Lord.  It was true!  It was true! She was to be the mother of the long awaited Messiah.  Oh what joy! 

A baby, this BABY changed EVERYTHING!

And while they were there, the time came for her baby to be born.  She gave birth to her first child, a son. She wrapped him snugly in strips of cloth and laid him in a manger, because there was no lodging available for them.  Luke 2:6-7

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A Baby Changes Everything by Faith Hill

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  1. Beautiful, Kristi. Praying for a Christ-filled Christmas.