Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Holy Sacred Moments with God

Praise the Lord! 

I did it!  I can hardly believe this three year project has come to a close.  At first it seemed a little daunting, I wasn’t sure I was ever going to complete it and now that I’ve finished it, I find myself wishing the journey would never end. 

I have just completed copying down the whole book of Psalms and what an amazing experience it’s been!

This journey through the Psalms has been filled with sweet holy sacred moments with God.

Moments of . . .

               Praise as I have seen God’s love for His people, spilling off the pages.

               Sorrow when God has shot his arrows into my heart and pointed out the sin in my life.
               Awe, as I’ve witnessed His greatness and glory so artistically described in these songs.

Weeping when a truth about God has intersected with my life.

               Joy as I’ve glimpsed God’s deep, overwhelming love for me.

               Inspiration as I’ve learned to write out my own Psalm to God.

What a privilege and honor it has been to copy down God’s truth, to have Him speak deep into my soul through His Word, to witness His absolute power and might over all creation and to experience His deep love for me, His child.

In the last four chapters of the Psalms, each one begins and ends the very same way.  There is no other fitting way to begin and end my writing here than to do the same.  All glory and honor goes to Him!

Praise the Lord!

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