Monday, April 8, 2013

That Scary Word Called . . .
Have you ever been brave enough to pray for patience? 
 Maybe you've  been warned ahead of time . . .

Isn’t patience at its very essence indicative of hardship?  Why would you need  patience unless it was something difficult you had to endure?


So I wonder . . . when we pray for patience are we really asking God to make our lives easy so that we won’t need it?

Are we secretly hoping that we won’t have to wait in traffic, endure obnoxious children, wait for test results, and put up with a grouchy mother-in-law?  Is our heart’s desire more about our comfort than God doing anything radical in our life?


Let me reiterate . . . in order to be patient, we must have a difficulty to endure otherwise no patience is needed. 


Psalm 27 is David’s heart cry to his Heavenly Father.  In verse fourteen he says this, Wait patiently for the LORD.  Be brave and courageous.  Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.(Notice the repetition)

Whether we like it or not we all need patience to endure the difficult places in life.  Trouble is no discerner of people – it comes to all of us.  And the question is how will we handle it?  Will we rage at God for allowing it, bury our head in the sand,  curl up in ourselves or will we embrace it, see God’s grace in it and let Him work His patience in us?


 As David prayed, let us pray . . .  “Teach us how to live.”  (Psalm 27.11) 


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  1. I had been warned about praying for patience--and have avoided it!